Welcome to South Texas Poodle Studs

Poodles in South Texas available for breeding, AKC certified

Welcome to South Texas Poodle Studs. We are proud to announce the introduction of Ramses and Willis, two American Kennel Club registered Royal Standard Poodles.

Hang out. Enjoy yourself. Go see all our albums of these Poodle pups on Facebook. Or visit Ramses on Twitter.

Poodles have an amazing, loving temperament, so they are great for companions and for children. But they are also super athletic and originally bred as sporting dogs, so you can take them out on your hunting or hiking trip too.

These two are ready for breeding. They have all required medical certifications for AKC certified sires. They are ready to have pure bred Standard Poodles or any other desired breed. Labradoodles would be a great fit.

Or if you have never had the opportunity to spend time with a Standard Poodle, contact us to set up a meeting. We are sure you will leave the meeting with a strong desire to have one of these beautiful pups!

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